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This is the startpage of Koppert Intranet. Entry is granted to authorised users working for Koppert worldwide. Koppert intranet provides various tools and content aimed to help each user contribute to our mission:

"To be the most preferred partner in developing and marketing pollination systems and integrated pest management for protected and high-value crops, by being a reliable provider of innovative, effective and top-quality solutions."

Each intranet user is member of virtual groups, related to tasks and responsabilities within the company. For some groups special tools are developed, but every user has access to the toolbox as described below.

The intranet is not static but continuously developed to better fit the user's needs. Maybe you are member of a (virtual) team in the company and like to have your own groups' place on the intranet. Then contact Ed Moerman to help you further.


  • Forum: a platform to discuss and share with fellow group members.
  • About products: gives information about beneficials and their products
  • Chemical index: gives access to a wide range of data about chemicals, with links to relevant databases on the world wide web.
  • Documentation-upload-bookmark: enables each group to share and comment documents (or any other type of file) or bookmarks that are uploaded to the intranet.
  • Pestindex: helps you out when searching for the right scientific, english or dutch name of a bug.
  • Search cropreports: an easy way to search in the documented 'lessons learned', written by biological control specialists.
  • Slides-manager: over 1000 digital slides of pests, beneficials, products, damage symptoms. Handy to be used in presentations.
  • Webfeedback: Lets you browse through all web-questions and -answers. Gives access to names of all users of the side effects database; a useful help for aquisition.
  • Who is who?: overview of all intranet users, their personal data and expertises.
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